Jun 082015

IMG_3215Two brightly colored shorebirds. The one one the right should look familiar, but the one on the left is less common. What species are we looking at here?

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Mar 072015

A new Pop BirdQuiz for today; a photo from New Jersey in December.

What have we here? Its a pair of ________.

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Feb 092015

Today we introduce a new series of quizzes, which I’m calling Pop BirdQuizzes.

Quiz image
Why?  I’ve taken some photos lately that are ideal quiz subjects, but which I thought made an identification point that deserved a more extensive answer. So instead of simply incorporating the photo into one of the existing quizzes, I decided to experiment with a format where I provide the location and the time of year of the photo as clues, and then discuss the bird(s) more fully. Give it a try; start by clicking here or on the PopQuiz tab at the top of the page.

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