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All of the photos that were used to start this website were taken by a single person (=me), but this was never meant to be a one-person project. Thankfully, others have begun to enquire whether their photos could be useful for current or future bird quizzes, and indeed, some great photos have been submitted and incorporated into the quizzes. (Thanks to Hugh Sutherland, Dave Koehnlein, and Lizzy Kibbey for allowing the use of their photos!) If you enjoy these quizzes and would like to see your own photos in our quizzes, then help this project to expand by contributing your own photos. Photos that are most useful fall into the following categories:

1) Any species that are missing in the current quizzes
2) Better quality photos
3) Photos of species that are already shown here but in other plumages, including photos of females or juveniles that might be instructive
4) Photos that depict a characteristic behavior

If you have photos that you think might be useful for this project, please contact me at greg at

Thanks for your interest and major thanks to those of you who have already contributed photos.
The Birdquiz team (=Greg)

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