Jul 222017

Three weeks ago I stopped by Wells Mills Bog to view some of the unique Pine Barrens plants, including orchids and carnivorous plants that can be found quite easily in this location due to the accessible boardwalk. Today I returned to see if I could find a few more of the unique pinelands plant species. The orchids and Bog Asphodel that were here on my last trip have finished blooming, but as I had hoped, a few new plants were now visible, even to my untrained eye.

Curly-grass Fern

This is Curly-grass Fern. It’s tiny, and so very easy to overlook. I love the namesake curly leaves.


Thread-leafed Sundew. A few white flowers can be seen, but the delicate sticky leaves of this carnivorous plant are the star of the show here for me.


This is Short-leafed Milkwort. It was one of the more common flowers visible today. It is such an unusual flower, but the small clusters are easy to overlook.

A little bit further up the road one of the late summer wild orchids was starting to bloom.

White-fringed Orchid

This is White-fringed Orchid, a nice ~5 inch cluster of pure white flowers.

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