Bird Quiz: Birds of Trinidad and Tobago


Trinidad and Tobago is a small island country located just seven miles off the coast of Venezuela. It is often said that T&T is a nice location for an initial foray into tropical birding, since it has representatives of the tropical bird families (such as cotingas, antbirds, ovenbirds, and woodcreepers), but there is not an overwhelming number of species such as occurs in bird-rich countries such as Ecuador or Colombia. Indeed, 476 bird species have been reported in Trinidad and Tobago, which is pretty good for country that is less than 1/5 the size of New Jersey. This photo quiz can be used to familiarize yourself with some of the target species that you are likely to see in Trinidad and Tobago. Click on any thumbnail to start the quiz; if you don’t recognize the bird immediately, then try to identify it using your field guide, and when you think you know what species it is, click on the photo to reveal the answer.

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