WELCOME to BIRDQUIZ.NET, where birders of all levels can have fun trying to identify birds or learn about species in other locations. We have three types of quizzes:

  • Multiple-choice quizzes Can be accessed from the left-most menu. Select a quiz at your skill level; within the quiz, click on the photo to display a larger image of the bird. Continue trying if your first answer is wrong (you still can get partial credit!).
  • ‘Slideshow’ quizzes present the birds in a simple slideshow, without any clues, just like ‘real’ birding. Choose from quizzes containing different families of birds, or birds from several geographic locations. There are no scores in the slideshow quizzes.
  • ‘Pop BirdQuizzes’ will appear sporadically every month or so. Here we provide the location and time of year, and the answers are much more detailed than in the other quizzes.

Bookmark this page and come back often, as new photos and new quizzes are being added continually. Our initial quizzes focused on North American birds, but quizzes of birds from other countries can now be found in the slideshow quiz section.

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